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Getting my life back
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S/C/G: 192.2/ticker/120

Height: 5'


Long with split ends, kind of make it "Frizzy" if you ask me, but I hate how I look with short hair, and I despise frizz.

WYR: Become a doctor, zero expenses for school, make a ton of money, have everyone respect you, save lives BUT have 1 patient of yours die every week? (Say you're a doctor of cancer).


Become a lawyer, pay school fees, make average amounts of money, not a lot of respect as you're a "lawyer gah!" BUT you defend people that you KNOW (100%) that they are innocent of crimes, and you keep them from jail. You never lose a case, and when someone is guilty, you manage to get them pegged and put in jail (not what lawyers do... but it's my hypothetical).

Mini Goal 1: Weight when I met my Fiance ~ 170 lbs
Mini Goal 2: No longer Obese ~ 153.4 lbs
Mini Goal 3: First time I started weight loss ~ 140 lbs
Mini Goal 4: No longer overweight ~ 125 lbs
Final Goal: 120 lbs.
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