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Originally Posted by Jenrusl View Post
This is fabulous!!! I started IP with my goal to be able to run again. I've put on so much weight that even with PT & strength training my knees can't take it I am hopeful to get to a weight soon that I can run again...can't wait!!! In the meantime, I'll run vicariously through you
- thanks Jen, I did sign up this afternoon. I'm sure you will be running in no time! You are doing great with your loses and training.

Originally Posted by ksdunham View Post
i had my 5th week wi and lost just over 10lbs---i was away but didn't eat at a restaurant---was able to get in all of my veggies!!!! i feel AWESOME!!!
Way to go ksdunham,

Originally Posted by dcs0826 View Post
Hi all. I haven't posted in a while..still been reading some, but I have been insanely busy at work so I haven't had the time to post. Weighed in today and down 3.2 which I'm excited about. I am feeling guility a little bit because this has been one of my larger losses, and I was traveling and not eating 100% op. I didn't have any foods not on the P1 sheet, but we went out for breakfast twice and I had egg white omelettes instead of my packets. I also substituted a salad with grilled chicken for one of my packets for lunch. I would prefer to have my largest losses when I am eating 100% a little disheartening.
- DSc that is a great loss and it sounds like you made great choices while travelling. I agree with the other post, you have to learn how to manage eating real food and looks like you did.

Originally Posted by Inspiredchick View Post
Hi All. I just finished 6 weeks on IP and have lost 19 pounds, 11 inches. That was a good thing to see when I weighed in as I was starting to feel like things are slowing down too much. Have the rest of you struggled at the 7 week mark? I still need to loose 39 more pounds and it feels like so much to go! Any words of wisdom? Thanks all!
Inspiredchick - love the name, hang in there. The weight likely didn't go on super fast so it won't come off quickly either. You have lost over 3
Lbs a week which is great. Just stick to the program and know that it will work

Heading off to watch more of Orange is the New Black and enjoy the last hour of quiet before DH returns from 3 day business trip
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