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Originally Posted by brelo View Post
PS I am getting tired of watching myself get beat up for my regain!! I am soon gonna eliminate that guy who is beating me over the head. To be truthful, I am grateful for the experience because I learned so much from my 4 months long off program. Like for one: phase off step by step next time. And: My old way of eating is history if I want to keep the new me! You'd think that would be a no brainer but I guess I had to prove it to myself one more time.
This is a mental battle and it looks like you're getting geared up for the changes you need to make. Be good to yourself and surround yourself with goodness - you deserve it. You've learned from your past and now it's time to move forward. We're all here for you!

Originally Posted by dcs0826 View Post
Hi all. I haven't posted in a while..still been reading some, but I have been insanely busy at work so I haven't had the time to post. Weighed in today and down 3.2 which I'm excited about. I am feeling guility a little bit because this has been one of my larger losses, and I was traveling and not eating 100% op. I didn't have any foods not on the P1 sheet, but we went out for breakfast twice and I had egg white omelettes instead of my packets. I also substituted a salad with grilled chicken for one of my packets for lunch. I would prefer to have my largest losses when I am eating 100% a little disheartening.
I don't understand why you're disheartened. I started 3 weeks not OP and lost weight. I felt so proud to know I could eat "real food" and lose weight. Being OP keeps me focused and gives me an easier plan, but when you're done with the space packs, you need to eat real food. I say CELEBRATE that you did a great job! You know what needs to be done in the real world now to keep working on your health goals

Originally Posted by readytolive View Post
I woke up at 4:15 this morning burning up, sweating, all that fun stuff. Why? Oh, I'm not sick - the AC is out. ARGH.
We don't have AC at all so no whining LOL! I bought my kids a "CHILLOW" pillow at Walmart for under $20. You put water in it and it has a chemical stuff inside that stays cool. It has a felt cover on it and is flat so they just set it on top of their pillow, and it stays cool all night. We love it!

Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
So I'm on day 3 of my restart after a week off and I feel like I can barely keep my eyes open lol. It's strange cause I didn't have this problem the first go around. I would think that it would be harder to detox from 34 years of carbs than from 5 days of them (well not 5 days of them, but occasional carbs during those days). Oh well at least I don't have to work although my kids don't exactly let me nap.
Amber -- think of what your body/mind has been going through for the last 3 months! You are EXHAUSTED! Your body is just finally allowing itself to relax and heal. You went from personal problems (that are probably still ongoing) to end of school (and I'm exhausted from that too), to a holiday -- where I'm sure you were excited about, walked a lot etc. Your body is finally just saying -- STOP - Get me the hammock, a pillow and a good book....
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