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Originally Posted by LOSINGFORGOOD2010 View Post
hello all !! I did IP for the first time in Aug 2010 and dropped 56ish lbs by dec... first time to go south in Feb and feel GOOD about myself... omg. Words cannot describe. If I happened to be walking TOWARDS a reflective surface ie: MIRROR... I did not feel I had to look the other direction anymore,cause i was so happy with what I saw... such a big change. Now fast forward to now... and 20 lbs have crept back on and during that time I have tried WW twice... and then costco protein shakes, and walmart PURE PROTEIN bars... all in all, IP was just too costly for me to go back. Just yesterday I touched base with an old friend that joined IP AFTER she saw the weight I lost. Then she proceeded to lose 70 lbs... one yr passes and she gains 10-15... THEN finds this other line PRO ENERGY last Oct and tries that. It Turns out that its pretty well identical in the ingredients and the plan as IP !!!! she proceeded then, to lose 30 lbs since oct !!!! and you are also allowed 2oz of cheese a day !!!!!! what ????? IM IN hahha so approx 2 babybels per day. the price for 7 items per box is 21.99. I found a clinic RIGHT IN MY OWN TOWN !!! I didnt even know !!!!! so i stopped by yesterday and got the jello, the oatmeal and the vanilla cappacino....... omg so good. today is day one... i fully knew what to expect having been on the IP protocol before. Light headed a bit... just before lunch etc... but its all good. its almost quitting time for the day, and I look forward for the first time in a long time to what the scale will say as I go day by day. I FEEL EXCITED AGAIN.......... just wanted to share...... have a great OP day everyone .......
I haven't heard of that one. Proti diet is around $15 a box and I was told they allow a little dairy and fruit! Plus they don't discriminate between restricted and not restricted.

Good luck on your new plan!

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