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Originally Posted by AshleyRae View Post
I'm doing alright, but I'm not really enjoying transition. That's not to say that I want to or that any of us should give up! Not at all! I just got the menu for the second week, and I don't like any of the starchy veggies that I'm supposed to add. I asked if I could just double up on broccoli, spinach, green beans, or zucchini (those are my favorite veggies anyway), but was told I needed to eat the starchy ones. I don't understand why, considering that after this week I won't eat any of them ever. I may talk with some of the other consultants at the center to see if that would be permissible

Did any of you maintenance MRC'ers struggle with transition? I really feel like I just want to add a bit more of the same foods I'm already eating (of the veggies and protein, not necessarily the starches). Did you skip the starchier vegetables and just eat more of the green menu ones?
The only transition food I really struggled with was the dairy. I had already been dairy free for a year before starting MRC because I'd breast-fed my youngest who had a milk allergy. On plan I'd added cottage cheese and cheddar cheese back in and enjoyed it, but didn't see the point in transition of having to specifically add milk or yogurt. I bought some little yogurts and just made myself do it, but yeah I see your point - have never had yogurt again since.

Here's how I did the starchy vegetables: I loved the MRC taco chili while on plan (it's made with the tomato-basil HNS). I mixed my serving of corn into it during transition. Also was able to start adding olives and sour cream during transition which made it a real feast. And after I made it to maintenance I learned to make it with tomato paste and seasonings so I wasn't having to use expensive HNS's to cook with. The other starchy vegetable I liked was peas.

Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I remember in October hating being this size 10, but after getting back up to a 14/16 through the winter, this feels pretty good. Skinny jeans are on the horizon.
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