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Originally Posted by Going4Fit View Post
Okay I can fit in to my size 10's now from last October. Not bad for three months on plan. I still have a couple sizes to go to fit into all the clothes I purchased after making maintenance last year, so it's important to me that I don't allow this trip home (for my sister's wedding) to derail me. Will be gone for two weeks. Trick will be to keep on plan while staying with overweight family, who will pick on me. We have lots of day trips planned with eating out for lunch, and potlucks or cookouts for dinner. I'm going to have to be good about getting up early and preparing my food for the day to bring with. Not gonna be easy - I'll have my three young kids with me and hubby is not coming. I'm bringing my HNS's with me. I'm thinking I better stop at the center and buy some bars. Never used those while on plan before but will need the convenience while traveling. I'm not going to bring my kitchen scale - I know I will invite all kinds of criticism if they catch me weighing my food and it's going to be tough enough as it is. Will be a good exercise in letting go of the perfection and trusting the healthy choices and "close enough" portion sizes.

Regarding missing your chocolate newbee, you have to make it a few weeks into program before you're allowed the "creamy" HNS's, but once you can add them I found the chocolate pudding HNS to be quite good. I think the Proti-Diet hot chocolate is better than MRC's and has the same stats. The brownie recipe posted works with either the hot chocolate or the pudding mix. I've only made it with pudding mix and discovered I prefer not to cook it. Mix it up and eat as-is and it's like getting to eat fudge frosting or brownie batter. It's been my new fave. I also love to do the chocolate very high protein meal replacement shakes. They are expensive though. I haven't tried the regular meal replacement shakes yet. Good luck!
Going4fit: Congrats on the size 10's I knew you could do it, and you can do this on the trip, you have bounced back with vengeance, I wouldn't let anyone get to you, remember you are doing this for yourself not anyone else. I take my weigh scale with me all the time, I don't care what others think, this is my body and I'm the one in it. Goodluck and try and have a good time!

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