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hi. I am trying to figure out where I belong. I have yoyoed ( is that even a word?) all my life. Recently I have been maintaining. Although in the last few weeks I fell off the maintenence wagon. I started eating sugar again. I cannot have sugar. Eating it is a one way trip to cravings and spinning out of control and gaining weight. Although I can have sugar and chocolate in my home as long as I do not have organic peanutubutter. That was how things spun out of control. 2 jars of organic peanutubutter.

I will not go into detail about what I have been eating in the past 35 hours. suffice to say, i cannot maintain and eat these foods. I have to get back on the wagon. NOW. and I am looking for a bit of support doing it. I have been so strong maintaining for more than a half year. And I have honestly been maintaining for a year. But if i keep going like this, it will be a one way trip to a larger wardrobe once again. and all that goes along with gaining weight. Something I can't face.

So here I am. In a "slip". I ate my last brownie. Tomorrow I will cut up the rest of them and bring them to the chiropractors office ( I made them for the people there anyway). And then I will not bake anything more. I will not buy anymore pb. I will not eat sugar even in samples at markets. Back on the "no sugar" wagon. Where I belong. I figure I gained 4 lbs. But they will come off easily if I get back to my maintaince routine NOW. I am strong enough to do this. I have to be. I just have to be. I can do it. But I am looking for support. For what its worth, people say I am a good support person. So I hope to be of support to folks who might want some

So relieved I found this website and forum. Thank you !!!!

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