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Originally Posted by Snuggleburst View Post
Hey all, had a rough Monday. :/ My long-distance boyfriend and I are trying to save our relationship despite the distance and it almost ended. I wanted to crawl into bed with a pizza all night but settled for a protein shake.

On the plus side, my first week back on IP has me down 10lbs exactly. In a few days I'll be back at the weight I was when I started IP the last time!
I'm doing a long distance relationship too! It is definitely hard. I just got back from seeing him for the first time in 3 months and I won't see him again for 5 more. He knew I was dieting but I didn't let him see, he sure was amazed. However the long distance thing makes for some rough days, especially when I really need someone to turn to and he's too busy or at work. It's rough for sure but it can be done. I've been on IP pretty much the whole time we've been apart, he left about 3 weeks into my diet and it may be 2 years before we can live in the same state due to work obligations, it's hard to think about and hard to do, people around aren't very supportive of it working, but we have to keep believing.

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