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Hello everyone! I got almost nothing done here at home. Went to the gym this morning for usual routine except I only walked a little more than 1/2 mile and did 20 min on the bike at 10. The bike is much easier for me than the walk/jog laps on the track and it's been a while since I was there so decided to take it a little easier. Unfortunately we had to suspend our membership for a couple months starting July 1. I will not leave dh while he is recuperating as he will do things he shouldn't if he feels he needs too...he won't wait, so I want to protect him. We will also be doing some traveling after he has his doctor's approval.

Anyway about my day...after the gym, I came home to do the budgeting and then left to shop for my granddaugher's gift. She will be five on Thursday.
Since it isn't often I'm in the mall, I did a little browsing for myself but didn't buy anything. Then went to Target and also got her a small toy.

For dinner I heated up some chicken adobo that I had made and froze because we didn't have time to eat it before our trip. Dh had his with rice of course, but I just ate mine with salad.

Bobbi - yes I have already begun praying for Donna. I hope we hear good news soon post surgery.

Lucinda - That's great that your bones are good. Mine were also great at the previous check. I just had the bone scan again a couple weeks ago and haven't gotten the results so assuming they are still good or at least not really bad. I took Fosamax for a few years and even though I haven't taken it for a several years now I stays in the bones a very long time so could still be working.

Liana - Thanks for taking the time to share this info and I appreciate your caring. I already know quite a lot about this kind of thing due to my studies/training plus my continued interest so hate to see you going to so much effort for me, but of course it may also help someone else. I have read the China Project too. The differences in the different types of calcium and the effect on calcium by protein is interesting. I drink a lot of water throughout the day. As a retired nurse I am well aware of what the urine needs to look like, and mine is fine so judging by that I am not at all dehyrated. I do not check it at night so If I am experiencing any dehydration at all it has to be at night. I've tried keeping water at my bedside but in time I tend to forget it or spill it and, I've even used my water bottle I use at the gym. I am up to the bathroom at least once a night, usually more, so I am now just making the effort to drink while I'm up. I have a little flashlight! If that does help and since I have no obvious sign of dehydration, the cause is likely the the statin drug I take. I have had cramps for so long I can't remember whether they worsened after I started taking it but it would be a likely culprit. I go off it now and then (rarely) because of severe leg pain, but only when I just can't stand it anymore as when one does the cholesterol goes right back up. Before I conceded to take it (I hate taking meds!) I tried very hard to get my cholesterol down but it remained high so I finally had to take a low dose. It is also possible it is due to my diabetic med but I think I was already having them before I started that. And although some diabetics think it causes cramps it is not listed in any list I've seen of side affects/adverse reactions.

Gosh, it's getting late and I haven't even cleaned up the kitchen yet after dinner! Donna, hoping for the very best for you tomorrow!! Know you are loved and I am praying for you!!

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