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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
How is everyone doing with mindful eating? As far as techniques go, mindful eating is my favorite technique that I've learned in IE. To tell the truth I was always a slow eater, my family used to make fun of me at the dinner table because they'd all be done and I'd still be chugging along. But over time I think I lost the ability to focus on what I was eating, the binging took over. So now whenever I'm not sure of whether or not I'm still hungry I just slow down, take a little break and reassess and it helps to clear right up.

I dislike very much to be around dieters now, I've spoken of my friend who has been on a diet for about as long as I have been doing IE and has lost a lot of weight. I saw her this weekend and on she was going about her trainer and her regime and the diet blah blah blah. Now she keeps track of how much water she drinks. Her food is carefully measured out but she still eats faster than anyone I've ever seen and generally seems dissatisfied when she's done. To tell the truth, I'd be disatisfied too if I was done eating and watching everyone else still eat.

What do you think about fast eating? Are you/were you a fast eater?

I used to be a really slow eater but after my third baby was born I had to start just wolfing food down fast whenever I got a moment. Especially with all the nursing. I got in the habit of eating fast. Now, I have a little more time to eat slowly but I am jumping up and down through out the meal to get everyone stuff. I have recently started putting my fork down between bites and I have FINALLY gotten over needing to read or get on my phone while I eat. I read something about a month ago that basically said if you are bored by JUST eating, then you probably aren't really that hungry. (being bored was always my excuse) So, after that I just focused on my food and nothing else and it has made a difference. I have gotten way better at mindful eating in the past month. I also always try to sit down to eat and not eat standing up.

Originally Posted by suzzie2525 View Post
Hey everyone, I would love to jump in with you all! I've been playing around with this concept for awhile, but never really making the commitment...which makes it easy just to go back to dieting. I've got the 'wait until hungry' thing down pretty well, but having a hard time with sensing where the satisfied/full cut off is. I'm pretty sure this is because I'm not really eating mindfully---so that is what I am going to focus on for the rest of the month---eating slowly with no distractions and really listening to my body.

A question about the forum. I'm new here and trying to find my way around! I subscribed to this thread this weekend while I was reading up on things so I was able to find it in my user CP with no problem, but when I come to the thread is there a way to go to the last post that I read?

Looking forward to getting to know all of you! Have a nice day.
Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you too.

Originally Posted by nelie View Post
I'm certainly a fast eater but my husband is a slow eater so when I eat slowly, I usually finish eating at the same time as him. Sometimes before, sometimes after.

Based on some TDEE calculators online, I had a certain number of calories I'd like to eat as a guideline. Yesterday, after I wrote down everything I ate, I decided just out of curiosity to see how many calories I ate. It was much lower than my target. I'm not too concerned but I figure if I ate whatever I wanted then at least my calories would be closer to my target.
You know the other day just for fun I kept track of what I ate and then tallied up my calories and I had eaten pretty much what I need to eat for maintaining my present weight, maybe a little less. I almost never finish all my food so calorie counting is tricky. The body's wisdom is so amazing. I remember when I was "dieting" and counting calories that I couldn't even stay at a higher weight than I am now no matter how hard I tried, and now its effortless (as far as food goes) I have discovered for myself that I need to maintain my weight for a while after losing some weight so my body is doing just what it needs to do. But I know when I first got back into IE, i was eating WAY less. It took a while to even out and eat more. I think I was unconsciously trying to eat less because I was nervous to eat without restrictions.

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