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Originally Posted by MonicaKolesnik View Post
I absolutely agree that experimentation is the key with all the new vegetables, The really nice part I found about this diet was that after being on it for so long eating more vegetables and a greater variety just became natural in my house. Without having to think about it I began substituting my starch or gluten fill side dishes with healthier veggie sides, now that is a life style change that was needed
Me too Monica - all the usual side dishes just quit making an appearance at my house. Dh will sometimes add a starch to his dinner but he's even cut down.

Originally Posted by tamila View Post
I made a daikon radish mash / purée. It is really bitter. Like, my husband couldn't eat it. Other than burning something once I think it's one of the first times he just couldn't eat something I cooked. Boo :/
I never tried doing the daikon radish as a mash, but how great that your DH at least tried it!

Originally Posted by maureen kempster View Post
good morning 100 percenters

well I fell off the wagon so hard I'm surprised no one heard the crash!! I'm back - I didn't gain - just hovering at my goal weight - I need to get on this thread and be accountable - this board is so helpful hope I can come back and join in

Welcome back Maureen! You know you can do this - look how far you've come so far! We missed you.

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