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Hello everyone I hope you have had a wonderful Fathers Day! We had a lovely day...we just got home from a couple days away. We left Friday for Cheney, WA and spent the night at Fairchild AFB. Yesterday was our grandson's college graduation, we had a few minutes with him and drove back home last night. Didn't get home until a little after 10 pm. It went amazingly fast although we were glad to get home. I missed my bedside fan. I was afraid I'd gain weight with the restaurant food (we didn't take any food with us since it was just one night) and I did eat some stuff I really shouldn't have eaten due to my diabetes. When I came home my bs was high but my weight was down 1/2# So I lost 3.5 of the pounds I put on in recent week but I still have 3.5# to go to get back down to 160.

Then today our son and his gf came over with a gift for dh. Another saw tool for him to use to make things. They are trying to keep him busy! They took us to church and then we met up with our youngest dd (the local one) and went to Olive Garden. She had a race today and improved her personal record. She left after dinner, but the other two brought us home and stayed a little while. We so love having them nearby.

Wannabe - What you describe (walking in the house) is my frequent routine. I also walk in place while using the microwave, I balance at the foot of the bed. And when I take the time I do this ten min routine of walking in place for one min, then each minute I get a little more vigorous and do this over and over until the ten min are up. I do it in front of my kitchen range and use the timer so know when to switch each type of "walking." Some of it is side to side, kicks and squats.,..just whatever I can think of to make it more vigorous and then at the end I come back down to simple walking in place. This is in addition to my PT stretches I do for my back and shoulder each day. I have a set I routinely do before I get out of bed in the am and others I rotate and do at night. Each is ended with standing against the wall for a min. I figure everything helps. Oh also with the am routine, I also stretch really high and then do the airplane yoga pose. Makes me feel ready to start my day! I try to always be active even when I can't go to the gym...even if sitting I'm always wiggling my toes, moving my feet...too aware of stasis esp with diabetes to just let them hang.

Deelou - Congrats on the weight loss! That's a good number to lose! Keep it up girl you are winning the game!

Ellen - Welcome to our group! Another RN! There are a number of us here!

Liana - I do feel calcium may play a part with my cramps but I take over 2000 daily and also drink milk and almond milk. I am not drinking as much cows milk as I was due to my bs, however. I am not sure how well the calcium in almond milk is absorbed, but it's supposed to have more in it than cows milk even. I suspect it is supplemented though and I don't trust supplemented calcium to be as well absorbed but I'm not sure. The cramps come in cycles. I think it is almost over now. I do a lot of stretches, Liana, as I mentioned above some similar to what you mention, but if I'm not careful they make me go in a cramp if I'm in the cycle. It is not only regular cramps, like when your muscle tightens...they are in wierd places like the top of my foot (not just toes, but the top), and the side of my well as the usual toes, arch, and calf. Also get them in my thighs and some really strange ones that are not like a regular cramp, but are like someone taking a knife and cutting up my thighs in a jagged motion...oh, that pain is the worst!! Thank God this is rare ...has only happened a few times but always is accompanied (and started with) regular cramps. I told my doctor but he says he doesn't know the cause and since when I'm there, it isn't happening, he hasn't any way to assess it. Sometimes I even get them in my abdomen! This is rare but it happens. Oh and I frequently get them in my hands/fingers. That doesn't hurt but is uncomfortable and I will drop whatever I am holding. My potassium has always been normal. I suspect it might be that I need even more calcium because sometimes when I'm having a cramp I take an extra calcium capsule and it sometimes helps but not all the time. The other thing I'm wondering about is dehydration. I drink quite a bit of water during the day but I wake up at night and am thirsty and just don't want to turn on a light and fill the glass...I have such a hard time sleeping and I don't want to get too awake I guess. But I think I'm going to try and drink more during the night. I do have a otc med that I take when they start, and I am SO thankful to have found it...been using it for several years now. Some nights I have to take it more than once.

Cajun - So happy for you and your son! It is good that you like her already.
When our kids are happy we are so happy too.

I had another prize in my mail box when we got home last night....a book. Maybe good I'm not sure it's my kind but I must have thought it sounded good when I signed up.

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