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I just had surgery on Tuesday... so healing right after surgery is all I have to share.

I stayed overnight in the hospital. Surgery was at 12:15 on Tuesday, I left at like 6pm on Wednesday. I was able to walk around in the hospital (walking felt really good) and kept down water and protein drink on Wednesday.

I only had an hour long drive but it was a little rough. Bring a pillow with you for the car. It helps to be able to brace it against your stomach during bumps. My doctor was able to give me a pain shot and a nausea reliever right before I left, which helps minimize the pain during the drive home.

So, I'm on day three and I can get up and move. I showered yesterday, which wasnt an issue. Twisting or bending is rough. Walking, standing, getting water or whatever is easier than I thought. I can get light stuff done, but nothing major and nothing that requires bending over repeatedly.

As for work, at this point, I don't think I could. You're really tired afterwards and my ability to really think coherently is a little weak. My mom had surgery a while back and took three full weeks off before she could go back to her (desk) job.

I'm also sleeping (ok, pretty much living...) in my oversized chair. Sitting propped up helps; plus, you don't want to roll onto your stomach, so if you have big chair, it helps keep you from rolling in your sleep.

I think a lot of it depends on how you're feeling and trusting your body.
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