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Originally Posted by andrew80k View Post
Finally made it to the Gym last night and I feel better. Not sleeping particularly well and I'm going to have to figure that out. I'm hoping dropping the equivalent of another human in body fat will improve it along with the increased exercise. If I'm still having problems after another 20 pounds or so, then I'll probably need to be evaluated. Ugh. Did a scale check this morning and I weighed in at 230.6. I was actually expecting a slight increase from the workout yesterday as I tend to hold water some after doing that. My appetite is really decreasing, which is somewhat surprising as it never really did the last time I went at this hard. I'm being a lot stricter with the carb intake and maybe that's the key for me. We'll see. DW is back tomorrow. Yay!

Zumba Just keep getting back on plan. You'll be ok. Don't sabotage your own success.

Michelle That sounds awesome. I want to live on the beach someday.

tymaboy So true. It is always something with them.

Rennie Where are you?

Shannon Sugar is a killer and it does trigger you to eat more and more.
Andrew, yay for return of DW! I was not being sarcastic the other day, kids ARE exhausting no matter the age. My almost 4 yr old is in the height of imagination lately...I love it! But it is exhausting, all the pretending. I spent an hour searching the house yesterday for a suitable turtle shell so she could be a proper turtle, LOL! My hubby is heading out for a week on Sunday. He used to travel all.the.time but has mostly been home the past 1.5 yrs so now when he leaves I get a little stressed. It is always fine, we are both alive when he returns but my daughter is VERY strong willed and sometimes it is questionable if we will both survive, lol! Usually I'm worried more about me....she is a terror!

P.S. Rennie lives in my area and knows when she goes missing for too long to expect to hear from me. I did text with her yesterday, hopefully she will have time to check back in soon.

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