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Originally Posted by canadjineh View Post
I've never thought of the IP plan as bland... there are tons of seasonings and herbs & spices out there that are IP compliant & have no sugars or fats or weird chemicals in them. Flavour it up with Mexican, Indian, Thai, Caribbean, etc. Nothing has to be bland, in fact that is the only way to stay happy on any healthy eating plan, including when you get to maintenance. You can always bring your own seasonings or dressings or flavour packets with you to any restaurant and not have to be subject to their whims. Just sayin' can take over the control of your meal.
I know, canadjineh. I use all the spices and flavorings I can. However, I may or may not use a tad more than I should sometimes. In restaurants, many think that "healthy" means bland and dry, no salt, unless they drench it in "healthy" sauces or dressings which I've found to be by and large, fruit, honey or teriyaki based - all a no go. When you ask them to skip the sauce, etc., they tend to just leave it dry - no oil, no broth. Even if you seasoned it after it got to your table it would be blah. I've had better luck with asking for a regular cut of meat and holding the regular sides and adding sauteed veggies and asking what veggies they can use. Otherwise you get a plate full of carrots! My favorite Mexican restaurant has proven to be the best at this.I also bring a dressing packet, stevia and an IP snack. The last meal that I referenced was at BJ's Brewhouse chain and I've never had a bad dish there. However, what they served me just made me angry. The fish was so dry that drenching it in lemon and adding some olive oil just kind of absorbed. It was sorcery I tell you! Worst. Meal. Ever.
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