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Good afternoon everyone! Well today is my last day before vacation- off 6/13 through 6/23. I'm ready to be away from work!!!
Lucinda: Sounds like you are recovering, me too! I'm still recovering nothing to drink in 8 years, most days are pretty good. I always think that any day not drinking is a better day than when I was drinking! Congrats on the Zumba classes, my knees are just so wobbily. I hope when I lose some more weight that I can try that. Right now I am walking/jogging 3 miles each morning.
Cajun: Have fun camping, though I would want to fish!, also glad your food plan is going good. Sorry about your sinus's I know from living in the south how that is!
Lynn: I did WW before and it worked good for me. Hope the other program works for you.
Rosey: What kind of bariatric surgery did you have? I had surgery 20 years ago and I was 330lb and went to 160 lbs, of course if you don't change your eating and don't exercise, your stomach expands over time, which is the reason, I'm where I am now. There are certain foods that I still have difficulty eating like beef roasts, spaghetti, ribs, etc. Well it looks like you are on top of things! Keep up the good work!!
Deelou: Congrats on your loss!
Maryea: Sorry about your DH needing surgery, hope his colonoscopy is ok when he goes back.

I'll check back while I'm on vacation and hope everyone does well.

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