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Originally Posted by NotCoolEnough View Post
I did some reading about ketogenic diets in general, and the effects of alcohol. What I read said that drinking wouldn't necessarily kick you out of ketosis but it does pause it temporarily while your body uses the alcohol as fuel instead of fat. When I had wine I tried to use it as sort of an experiment to see how my body reacted to it. I tested and I never went out of ketosis. Weight loss my first week, when I was 100% OP was 3.4 pounds, second week when I mixed in a little wine was 2.8. So, a little less but I think that's to be expected since you typically lose a lot of water weight the first week. I totally understand people that don't want to risk it, but I don't feel like it set me back at all. Just my two cents.
I agree...that's why I'm on this thread! LOL I know it won't work for some people but it works for me so that's really what matters. I also exercise which is a no-no so I really am a rebel!
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