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Originally Posted by IP43 View Post
I'm not sure who reads what threads so sorry if this is a repeat. But in discussing wine, we mentioned last week that a glass sets you back 3 days = 3x$12. If you think of that as a $36 glass of wine, it may make you either trade it for the sparkling MIO, or at least make you enjoy and savour it all the more, as it's an expensive indulgence.

I actually went to a party and did carry around a glass of wine all night, but I literally poured 2 sips into the glass. I had one sip to taste the wine and I didn't have to bother explaining why I wasn't drinking etc. If anyone offered more, I could just wave the glass and say, "gotta drive, so no more for me" .... ah the funny games we play! LOL
I did some reading about ketogenic diets in general, and the effects of alcohol. What I read said that drinking wouldn't necessarily kick you out of ketosis but it does pause it temporarily while your body uses the alcohol as fuel instead of fat. When I had wine I tried to use it as sort of an experiment to see how my body reacted to it. I tested and I never went out of ketosis. Weight loss my first week, when I was 100% OP was 3.4 pounds, second week when I mixed in a little wine was 2.8. So, a little less but I think that's to be expected since you typically lose a lot of water weight the first week. I totally understand people that don't want to risk it, but I don't feel like it set me back at all. Just my two cents.
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