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Hi everyone beautiful day here.. did laundry,and cleaned bathrm and kitchen,puttered in the craft room. Lynn sorry for your struggle,befor I had the bariatric surg I had the best luck with ww only revamping it to lo carb lo sugar. my girls followed it too. wishing you luck,actually all of us luck K31 glad ginger is doing better,you have full plate and I think of you a lot saying prayers. Maryea sorry too that your dh has to have atricky surg,always a worry,prayers for him and you. my dh just had a colonoscopy, he has pre cancerous polops and has to have one yearly. his neck is not healed yet and hes got a nerve test coming up july 2nd. so far my health is good,my daughters are having surg soon, the oldest on her lower back and the youngest a complete hysterectomy.. sheesh on that not so happy note hope u all have agreat evening.. by the way I was a really bad girl and made some oeyy goey carmel corn today and it was yummy,the devil made me do it and boy am I going to payfor it in the morning (((hugs ))) for all rosey
Yesterdays menu

1/2 spam sand,iced tea
slice turkey
mashed potatoes sm amt gravy
mixed vegies

todays menu
breakfast coffee
lunch diet pizza
snack carmel corn iced tea
dinner pork cutlets vegie packet(potatoes carrots onion peppers baked in foil)

I am enough!

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