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Default don't read this if you want to keep loving cinema popcorn!

Originally Posted by IP43 View Post
I will also think of popcorn as carbs layered in fat ---eww!
Once I get the aroma, I have to resort to something stronger: "rancid fat on GMO popcorn grown with pesticide & they probably never clean out the equipment so it might be laced with salmonella"

Kessler, in his book, describes how the food industry sets out to make foods taste irresistible, and goes through a lot of examples like this:

"One of the signature hamburgers at Hardee's is called the Monster Thickburger, which famously contains 1,420 calories & 108 g of fat, Bacon, cheese, & mayonnaise are layered on the burger, and the bun is buttered. The Monster Thickburger is little more than fat on fat on salt on fat on fat, all on a refined carbohydrate"

I also liked his mention of a restaurant consultant's comment that some salads are 'fat with a little lettuce.'

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