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Originally Posted by AshleyRae View Post
I had my transition appointment today and got my measurements. I've updated my signature to reflect my original goal and current weight, according the the scale at the center. My home scale is 4-5 pounds friendlier than their scale, so I really use that weight as my personal goal figure. So, while the scale at the center shows 165, my home scale reads 160.5. I'll take it!
I don't know my starting measurements, but I know that I've lost 27.5 inches! I'm thrilled with where I am, even if my body fat percentage is measuring higher than it's "supposed" to be. It was something like 35% or 36%, and it's supposed to be under 32%. I'm not at all worried about that, because I feel fantastic!

I'll try to get some before and after pictures posted soon

Keep up the great work, friends!

I almost forgot to add that my mom signed the 30 pound board today! AND, she's rocking some size 14 MISSUS pants today! She doesn't need to shop in the women's section anymore!!!

That happens to me when I weigh in at the center verses at home, it's always higher. Jen told me since I'm going into maintenance to always use my scale at home since that will be the one I use from now on!!! Congrats on making transition and congrats to your mom you both have done awesome!

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