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I like cow's milk but mostly on cereal and in coffee and tea. We use about 2 litres per week and more in summer as we have smoothies for breakfast some days. I really don't like skim milk so we drink 1%. The organic stuff is out of our price range up here so I get regular supermarket milk. I've tried almond and soy milk on cereal - dogsits where there was nothing else - and didn't like the result.

I keep thinking a glass of milk with dinner would be nice but usually I'm trying to get my water quota for the day drunk then. I really don't like water so usually I mostly avoid it during the day and force myself to drink a big glass with dinner.

I think i will switch out my night time bread and butter for a glass of milk. I might try putting a bit of cinnamon or something in the milk a couple of hours before I drink it - liven it up a bit and make it more of a "treat" thing.


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