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Blue Diamond also has a new coconut milk (& almond milk mix I think), but it does taste faintly of coconut so you do have to like that sort of thing. The reason the lactose reduced milk 'doesn't taste as good' is because it has less sugars in it - lactose is milk sugar - no wonder the kids don't like it if they are used to full sugar milk. Cow's milk gives me thick mucous in my respiratory passages & it doesn't matter what fat % it is so I don't drink it any more. I like the unsweetened Vanilla almond milk because it (and rice milk - although it is 3x higher in calories than my almond choice) are the closest to the mouth feel of skim - none of that sticky, cloying, fatty feel in your mouth after you've swallowed. Calcium is a non-issue for me as I have been tested just within the past month and my bone density is as good as a 20 year old of my weight & height (I'm 50).

I make gluten free pancakes with almond milk & they turn out fine. I generally don't do any other baking, but coconut milk and almond milk work fine in all my other recipes that have cooked sauces/'gravies'.


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