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Just a quick update--really do push for these tests. It never occurred to me that my vitamin D could be low, but I've been on supplements now for a week (they've got me on iron, D3, and B12).

I. Feel. Human.

Probably only about 60-75% human, but I'm only just realizing that I was at *MAYBE* 40% these last couple months. I knew I was bad. But I had NO IDEA how bad I felt until I felt better, y'know?

And I've lost 2 lbs since last Tuesday (scale was 272.7 at my official weigh-in this morning; Sunday I saw glimpses of 270!!)

I don't know if we'll end up having similar answers to our questions, but I never, ever would have thought to take a D supplement without the doc testing it. Even if we don't find anything else (and since my other options right now include thyroid cancer and cushing's, I'm happy NOT to find anything), just from the D3 levels alone . . .

Calories in DID NOT equal calories out.

I wasn't crazy. And the fix (well, so far . . . I haven't gotten my ultrasound bills yet . . . ) was $14 for a bottle of vitamins.

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