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Michelle you really don't want to get me started on that subject, lol. The answer is yes and no. I'll just leave it at that but at least this time he didn't buy a vehicle after going to a dealership for a free umbrella. Yeah, that happened.

Yay on the chipless state!

Zumba and Michelle we are Hurricanes fans and it has been a long time since our Stanley Cup fun. Enjoy!

Rennie clowns, no!

Zumba I have to be really bad off to take benedryl because it knocks me out and dries me out excessively. I have had bronchitis a ridiculous number of times in my life. I also have asthma. Lately though it has been sinus infections. I'm not sure why the change in location but with the sinuses, the nasal spray does seem to reverse them before they get to antibiotic level.

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