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Good afternoon everyone! Well, it continues to rain off and on, but I got my 3 miles in this morning after I came back from taking the girls to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get them ID's before we fly out on Saturday morning. I was able to do my slow scary jog for about 1 1/2 miles. It is so slow and scary, but it gets my heart rate up and I start sweating like a pig.

Liana: I'm going to have to buy some spaghetti squash to try. I think I will like it. I like the idea of it baked better than microwaved, but I'm sure both would be fine.
Maryea: Thanks for the support. Part of the reason that I do fruit in the more and then a meal at night is so that I'm not so hungry at night, but I have yogurt/blueberries, baked pretzels available to snack on. Part of what saves me is I live in a two story house and my bedroom is upstairs and I'm usually too lazy to go back downstairs to get a snack, so when I go to bed I usually only take a diet coke and maybe some yogurt, no sugar/no fat pudding or jello or a large pretzel.
Bobbi: I feel for you having to help someone move. That aught to give you a lot of exercise for the day. I had to move last year after living in my house for over 17 years and it was crazy. I threw out a lot of junk. Sorry they have all that junk food around you, that would be hard for me too!
Cajun: That is so sad about your dh lab, I had a lab for 10 years, his name was Buck and he was the best dog I ever had. He died in his sleep one night and I cried and cried. I am such a sucker for animals. They have such undying loyalty! I was thinking of getting a belt when they were falling down!! I wouldn't want to scare the other walkers/joggers! LOL

Everyone have a great day and stay on target!!

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