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It depends on who, how and in what context. If I raise my weightloss in a discussion, of course I expect to discuss it. If someone has not seen me in a long time, I also expect them to raise it. Some comments have been positive (you look great, you must feel fantastic etc.) but also many negative (are you having an affair? are you anorexic? you will get fat again, what made you decide to lose weight? etc.) I find it more comfortable when a person talks to me one-on-one. Comments in front of a group are always a little embarassing to me. Comments in front of other heavy people are embarassing too. Comments made by heavy people can also be awkward.

What is strange, is that about a year in people are starting to forget what I looked like when I was heavier. This, in itself, is not a problem. But sometimes a little strange. It also means that people are starting to make fat jokes in front of me when they never did before. Which is worrying and shows a level of discrimination I was not that aware of as a heavier person. I am quick to remind them that I was once bigger.

Overall, it would probably be better if other people did not notice. But they do with the big losses and you just have to accept that. It's the biggest part of the mental game of weight loss. And weight loss is mostly a mental game for most of us, not a physical one.

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