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Good morning girls. It is storming here this morning. We are catching a lot of rain again. The farmers have planted 2 and 3 times already. Looks like they will be losing those soybeans again.
There was a young dog about 6 months old that someone dumped in my front yard. I told ds to take it to the pound. Instead he goes to the barn and got food to feed it. The best we could tell it was a yellow lab and curr mixed. He played with her and she would retrieve. He put her in the pen and kept playing with her. She didn't even have a name. He just called her lil girl. One day he took her hunting and that was it she was on every hunt with him. She retrieved everything he hunted. Ducks doves squirrel coon. She even found him a bid snapper turtle. He took her dove hunting last fall along with 2 other guys. They were spread out and shooting doves. She would retrieve the birds and bring them back to ds. When they were not getting any birds she would go to those other 2 guys pile of doves and get them and bring them to ds's pile. When they finished hunting ds had a huge pile of doves and the other 2 guys didn't have anymore left. They sure had a good laugh. She was so loyal to him. When he sat down she couldn't get close enough to him. She was a 50 lbs dog and would jump on his lap and lay her head on his shoulder. She could never get close enough to him. Thursday she fell sick. Dh brought her to the vet and they told us stage 1 heart worms. We started treating her Friday. Yesterday after work I went to check on her and she was dead. The symptoms she had told us stage 4 but that's not what the vet told us. He just wanted 300.00 to start treatment. He knew better. Yea I'm upset. I don't see ds cry but he lost a loyal friend and is heartbroken. I had a lab right before I got married and lost her and I said I would never get close to an animal again and I did it again. We all fell in love with her. Dh got the tractor and buried her behind ds house.
Sorry I know post is long. I'm just a lil sad this morning. The hardest thing is seeing your children hurting. As a mother it hard to see.
Yesterday I started Dukan diet and did well. It feels more comfortable to me. I lost a lot of lbs before and hopefully it will work for me again.

Bobbi the Dukan diet is high protein low fat sugar carb diet. Mostly meats and vegetables.

Liana thanks for the extra tips on the spaghetti squash. I bet it would be good with a cheeses sauce like a macaroni and cheese.

Mary I just think the allowed carbs were making me want more and I was eating the max allowed and only maintaining. Where are you thinking of going on your trip?

Exquisitern congrats on your pants falling down. Be careful that you don't have a accident and show your booty walking/jogging. Better get suspenders!!!!

Hi Carol Sue, Rosey, K31, K3, Lynn, Gayle.

Laundry is ready to be switched. Gotta go.

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