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your surgeon is wise to keep you for a couple extra days given your 6 hour drive home! be prepared to take breaks! you'll need to move around. and make sure he gives you a couple of pain pills - you'll probably be grateful for them on the ride.

now, about getting around. you'll be able to shuffle around and do little stuff [make some jello or tea, talk to people, and so on] as soon as you get home. LISTEN TO YOUR SURGEON - he'll probably tell you that you can't lift a toddler [just warning you!] for a week or so, and bending over as well. Some docs will tell you not to drive for a week.

The laundry will have to wait a little while [days, not weeks].

But after that first week's checkup, you'll probably be cleared to do just about anything that you feel like. And you might not feel up to doing much, but you'll have to see.

As for going back to work and all. It depends. I was very ill in the months before surgery, so the surgeon was very cautious with me - 8 weeks. Most people are cleared to go back to work at 4-6 weeks. There are even people who are back to work within a week [part time, with desk jobs]. Depends on the kind of work you do, the amount of lifting and moving, and how you're feeling and healing.

Have a nice heart-to-heart with your surgeon when you see him this week - and let us know what he says.
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