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Good Morning girls, It's so nice to see all the menus. I won't be posting mine this week, my brother and SIL are moving out of their large home into a condo with no basement.

I thought I had a lot of "stuff" when we moved. She has tons and tons of "stuff". I told DH last night if they got rid of 1/2 their house hold, they might squeeze into the condo. So I've been helping her pack, how do we accumulate all that? You gals that have lived in your home for many years probably don't realize how much you have.

My SIL had all kinds of sweets and muffins made. I didn't eat any of it. Then her SIL showed up with some kind of cubed cinnamon rolls from one of the fast food places. She purchased 6 of them and started eating right away. My Sil opened one box and started eating hers until the sight and smell got to me. They smelled heavenly. I said, how many calories in them? ( I was thinking one little ole cinnamon roll can't hurt). Oh, am I glad they have the calories on each package, one little box had 460 calories.

I hope all this lifting and packing jump starts my 1-1-1.
Cajun, sorry it didn't work for you. I've not heard of the Dukan plan, I'm a big meat eater too.

Glynne...sorry I took so long to answer your questions but I've been too busy to check into our thread.
I don't suppose you need to put frozen fruit in but I think a plain almond milk soft serve would be boring. The trick to soft serve fake ice cream is most everything HAS TO BE FROZEN or you get a shake.
As to the bacon, yes you can fry/microwave bacon and it freezes very nicely. I take one strip of frozen bacon out of freezer, zap it for 30 seconds and add to my Flat Out roll up.
Bobbi ~ Another question about the soft serve almond milk stuff ~ do you have to use some sort of frozen fruit? or can you just use the frozen almond milk, a little liquid almond milk and maybe some vanilla?

And another question I meant to ask before but forgot what it was before I could ask Do I remember reading somewhere that you said you fry up bacon and then freeze it already cooked for later use? Do you just thaw it out and then crumble it up?
Gotta run, later gators.

P.S. Lynn...hope WW is working for you. You can do it, I know because you did it before.

Hi everyone else, will do personals when I have the time.
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