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Hello everyone!! It's a good day even though it's overcast...sun trying to peek through. Dh had a doctors appt this morning and since then has been changing the oil in car, then puttering around in the garage. I've been doing laundry and daily housework. This afternoon I will be doing some extra cleaning in the kitchen ..up high stuff that doesn't get done often. Also trying to plan our next trip...not much success as can't get through.

My bs are a little better so far today although still high. Almost diabetic normal after breakfast.

My eating so far
PB mocha frappe made with almond milk and added fiber

am snack
5 large radishes

I'm back!
Bacon sandwich with pickle slices
4 small pcs chocolate candy

Exquisitrn - Like how you are eating. I love fruit and hate that I have to be restricted with it. Knowing when you are full and stopping is so important and even after years of trying, I still haven't got the hang of it or more likely the discipline of it. I admire those who do. I also agree with not depriving oneself because that never has worked for me. The more I feel deprived the more I eat! I also can't stand eating "diet" type foods. I eat what I like mostly in small portions. My problem is in the evening...I do tend to overeat then...that has always been my struggle. I think it would be better for me to just not eat in the evenings and I've done that for a while (like a week!) but I tend to go back to it. So you were a DNS...that's cool..I was an RN...there are several former nurses on this forum. I used to have a friend who loved working in a psych hospital. I'm not sure I would but I did very well in those classes in training as it was so interesting.

Wannabe - I love radishes! I eat them plain...they help me a lot between meals, I used to love them sliced on bread and butter but of course I can't eat that much now, but I still do now and then only I use Smart Balance now.
Love them in salads!

Cajun - Sorry The One is not working for you. I like it but as long as I overeat in the evenings, I don't lose and I have been gaining rapidly! I was losing when I didn't eat in the evenings but can't seem to get back to it. Now I just do a flexible version where I try to keep to the 1-1-1 concept but I also am eating more like I did when I was younger and skinny. I thought it was 1-1-1 but I realize now it was not exactly. So sometimes I am having more than one carb, but keeping to only 1-2 is best for my diabetes. Still struggle with the evenings though. I don't think I can ever lose weight until I get past that or just eat veggies in evening. I said when I started The One plan that regardless if it didn't work or not, I am not doing another "diet." I will just eat what I want of mostly healthy food and try to eat smaller portions. And I still am sticking to that. I also notice that when I don't allow myself to get off my "schedule" in my personal routine, and keep my priorities in life....God, dh, family first, I do much better. Now and then I let the internet, tv or laziness take up too much of my time and I start eating more.

You all have a good day!!

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