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168.4 this morning! I haven't managed to get back into the habit of daily weighing yet, but I'm encouraged by that number being less than the last time. I haven't started counting calories yet so we'll see how far I can get just from portion control. I have gone back to my old small lunchbox and bought a bunch of veggies to cook healthy meals this week.

Goal for this week: work out at least once. I'm not pumping at work anymore so I have my lunch break back for exercise.

Andrea, that would be an interesting study. I think though that part of it is that in maintenance, people tend to come over to this forum when they hit goal, then disappear shortly after. Either they are maintaining successfully and don't need the support, or they're getting complacent and end up regaining, at which point they either come back here or are too embarrassed to admit that they regained and we don't hear from them again. There is some turnover in the forum participants over the years but it's pretty slow. I can think of a pretty good number of people I used to see here all the time who I have not heard from in ages, and some of you guys are still relatively new (lol, by "new" I mean "have been on maintenance forum only a couple years).
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