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MANY MANY people have the 'last meal' syndrome going on. On some level, they've convinced themselves that they'll never get to eat <fill in the blank> ever again, and they go overboard.

I promise you: you will get everything back that you love. I PROMISE. it won't be for awhile, like a year or more, but YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HAVE SOME. and i do mean SOME, not a lot, but a little, and you'll be satisfied with it. I just had two cookies. just two. not two packages. just one for each hand, and i'm happy.

So, in many respects, it IS pre-surgery jitters, but this can also be followed by the infamous head hunger after surgery. you know, you WANT to eat, but you're not hungry and you just want something in your mouth. It's not easy. believe me. This is where delay, substitution, recognizing that you may be thirsty and not hungry, and distracting yourself may come in handy. this is the sort of habit you must break in order to deal with the surgery.

and just a reminder, the first three months SUCK. [i wonder if that'll be bleeped out]. they're very difficult. Just take it one day at a time - one eating event at a time - and don't get hung up on whether this discomfort will last forever. Another promise. I PROMISE YOU those three months will end, and things will get better.

what's your surgery date? week after next? i KNOW you can do this, love
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