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I have often wondered why we keep losing [many] participants on this thread, and sort of assumed that lots of folks either don't find us amusing, or decide they don't fit the "got to goal weight but now up 5-10 pounds again" criterion, or for whatever thousand other reasons decide to find their support in another forum (or thread). The one thing I'd never considered was Silverbirch's statement about an optimum number of participants on a thread. If true, that would be worthy of a social psychology or electronic media research project. Makes me wonder what the parameters are (how many posts can you read in a single day; how many different personalities are compatible, etc).

I think I may have shifted another pound downward, but I'm going to hold off declaring victory until I see it on the scale a couple days running. I swear my sig should be "clawing my way back to goal" considering how slowly it's going.

You don't drown in the river by falling in, but by failing to get back up.
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