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ILV good to see you back Good job on the rowing machine and 30DS nice workout . You know it could just be the new parts of it also getting adjusted. I wonder if a little WD40 would help, just a thought. Good job on your eating yesterday and the pound down. You're off to great start. Get your water in and TOM may be nice for a change and no bloat

Sarah, I have tried C25K so many times. I've started out slow like I was told and then sped up and then the second time to speed up I haven't caught my breath from the first time, so idk what I'm doing wrong as far as the breathing goes. It may be just that I am trying to do it on the treadmill. I told my son that I'd like to try it out doors and see if I can do it but we've never made it to an outdoor track yet. I'm with you on just doing what I can. It still makes me feel good that I've done something and it's more than I use to do or could do Yay for making good choices at the graduation party.

I keep forgetting things on MFP. I added another item I ate but it still wasn't a bad day overall. The scale rewarded me with 158.2 this morning so I'm happy. My kids have been on me since before church to go play basketball against each other so off to the gym we go. Have a joyous OP Sunday everyone, see you all later
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