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Dagmar, you're reminding me of something that happened earlier this year. A good friend from college who works at Google sent around an email from our alumni publication, offering a college-sponsored alumni trip to Cuba. U.S. citizens can travel in Cuba for educational purposes, and my friend was excited because Cuba is on her bucket list. But when we looked at the cost of the trip, I could afford it, and she could afford it, but our other friends -- who work at non-profit arts organizations or teach part-time while practicing their art -- would not be able to manage. This can be so awkward, the lines that money can draw between people who get along really well. I see it on the Internet, too, where people pick and choose the forums they want to hang out in because they don't feel comfortable in the general conversation about what people are doing (and obviously spending).

In fact, I worry about this particular forum sometimes ... have we made people uncomfortable over that in the past and sent them off elsewhere? There have to be more maintainers than just us, right?

Anyway, I'm not going to Cuba. Or at least, not on the alumni trip.

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