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Jeni and Mindy, hope you both were able to fit the 5k in this weekend! How was it? Weather, time, atmosphere? I missed 2 local ones while I was on vacation. I did run on the boardwalk though!

Kris, new house looks gorgeous! So happy for you!

Diana, Is this the big weekend?

Well, I am just back, up 6 pounds. Ugh, not too worried since I ran and biked all week. I am sure most is sodium from eating out every night. Pretty much exclusively ate broiled fish, so I can't have done that much actual damage! Just gonna eat clean and move.

I broke a blood vessel in my eye again? Not sure how, but I look like the demon lady. One bright red eye. Means I have to wear my glasses, which means elliptical rather than run, glasses throw my depth perception off.

W 100 or more, need to flush all this sodium out
E Going to use the elliptical and maybe head for the Y with my son. Sauna?
E POP,, green smoothie breakfast. Grocery store for fresh veggies for lunch, thinking salad. Protein and veggies for dinner. No whites.
D Today I turn 48. Headed toward 50 in a hurry and I plan to be at goal and have run a half and a full by 50, so I need to kick it up.

And remember, losing weight is hard, keeping it off is hard, being fat is hard, pick your hard.
Blogging to keep the faith! Encouragement welcomed!
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