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Hello GGs! Hope you're all having a good day. Looks like you're eating good at least! I'm alone today as dh went to a retirement party. I'm planning on boiling some chicken and perhaps make chicken and dumplings for my son as he loves them in case he can come for lunch tomorrow. Not sure it will work out but I need to use up the chicken anyway. Maybe do a little cleaning I didn't get done this week, that's all my plans for today...exciting life, right?

I bought a new keyboard and mouse yesterday and am trying to get used to them. The keyboard is ok, has a lot of buttons I don't know what they do, but it is larger than I'm used to and I keep bumping the mouse against it. Still considering whether it's for me or whether to take it back for a cheaper one that would also be smaller.

Our son and his GF dropped by last night to get their pickup which dh was using. It is always good to see them. I'm so happy they are closeby.

My eating so far
PB mocha frappe made with almond milk

2 slices of canned peaches - last in the jar, I just had to eat them!
Grilled cheese sandwich made with SB, low cal ww bread and 1 slice cheese
4 large radishes

Bobbi - My oldest dd is like that, she means well but I eat meat and always will. I don't eat a lot though, just a little each day. I think until after the flood man was vegetarian (if not vegan), but after the flood God permitted the eating of certain animals. Perhaps by then it was needed to control their population, or may have been something to do with man's physical labor however I should think they had already worked very hard since leaving the Garden. If I think about eating meat too much, I get kind of turned off and yet I can't give it up entirely either. I do think they should be treated and slaughtered in the most humane way possible. Once I saw a bunch of people slaughtering a pig and it made me upset about how they were behaving. They seemed to be enjoying the killing! I was with my dh's family as they were picking out a little goat to slaughter and cook for a big dinner. After seeing the people with the pig, I grabbed the kids and we went and sat in the car. I think killing of (as in execution) or animal should be done in solemness. On the other hand as a nurse, I've seen people die after terrible illness and it was a time of joy and peace for both the patient and the family as they were tired of living and were ready to go and the family was sad to lose them but happy they were out of their suffering.

Glynne - I am the same way...I love my gc but I need a little time away now and then too and they constantly need attention in some way it seems. Usually my dh is here and we kind of take turns with them. Bedtime always falls to me though. I enjoy it if they are good but if I'm very tired and they are very rambunctious it can be difficult and I have to ask for extra grace from above to get through it.

You were talking about heights. I used to be 5'5 but had shrunk down to 5' 3 3/4 but after working with PT I have grown a little bit as I am now 5'4"!

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