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I'm not talking about yesterday's menuDang banana bread. Bruce was hungry for banana bread, he even stopped at the store for the bananas. I have a super delicious recipe using sour cream in it, really moist. Did 1 eat one thick slice? NO
Did I eat 2 thick slices? NO Did I eat 3 thick slices? YES. I told Bruce to hide it.

I have stayed on track today.
Breakfast: Fiber One, Almond milk, Flax & chia seeds

Lunch: Flat Out rolled around celery, peanut butter PB2 and 1 slice bacon.

Super: ground turkey and ground hamburger mixed together for a hamburger on low calorie bun, dill pickles, catsup, slice of jalapeno velvetta cheese on top.
Ground beef and cabbage casserole.

Donna...You are a amazon at 5' 7" Lucky you! I was 5'4" in high school and like everyone else...I'm shrinking. Last time I was measured at the doc's office I was just barely 5' 3".
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