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Ladynredd that sucks! Hopefully you will get it all straightened up and also get back on the path. One day's choices is nothing

I finally weighed myself after avoiding the scale for about two months and I gained .4 lb (125.8). I never have a maintenance problem, it's just the losing part that I can't seem to get a handle on. I've not been drinking this week and it feels good. I actually notice my skin on my face most of all - it's not as dry and I don't need as much lotion slathered on just to look normal.

Anyway, usually weighing myself is the kick in the pants that I need, but we'll see. If I can just get to 115 I'll be happy, but that would be less than when I graduated from high school 14 years ago, so it may not happen...either way, I'm trucking along. I even bought myself a bunch of summer clothes to try not to feel so drab and down.
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