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Originally Posted by Mrs Snark View Post
I did Atkins years and years ago (pre-vegetarian). Worked great for me, I actually loved it. My mom did it as well and did fabulous. My transition from Atkins to vegetarian was philosophical, not because that style of eating didn't work. It definitely did work for me.

The one advantage I could point to in Atkins over any other style of eating I ever tried was a pretty fast reduction in appetite, which is certainly helpful right at the beginning of a program. It took longer for my appetite to reduce eating the way I eat now. And I don't do myself any favors in that department when I eat off-plan, there is always a bump up in appetite for me when I eat junk (*sigh*).
In theory, it should work for everyone to some degree. It worked very well for my FIL. Worked, but to a lesser degree for DW. But for me, not so much.

I find your comment about appetite suppression interesting and it makes sense. Takes longer for the body to digest the proteins, so I guess it would keep the insulin levels fairly even, thereby decreasing hunger. I do find the first few weeks of calorie control to be very difficult because I'm hungry a lot. But if I can fight that off for the first few weeks, it gets better and eventually my appetite decreases to account for it.

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