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Originally Posted by Shannonsnail View Post
Hmmm, science in wheat belly book....well, honestly, I don't know. I have read alot of folks saying it is not sound. I enjoyed the book but more anecdotally (probably spelled that wrong) than scientifically.
Nothing wrong with that at all. And I think most of the readers/reviewers read it that way as well. Drawing anecdotal conclusions aren't bad either on your part or the authors. Sometimes the most obvious is actually the answer.

Originally Posted by Shannonsnail View Post
I honestly did not really put much thought into his science because overall I felt it meshed well with what I already knew. My scientific knowledge on the matter of carbs/fat comes from my 8 years working in upper level management in clinical research for a company focused on cardiovascular health, specifically lipoprotein testing and abnormalities. I reported to the founding scientist and therefore read bazillions of studies reported and was privvy to findings in quite a few not yet published. I scoffed at it when I worked there (because I struggled with what doctors had told me for years...low fat diet) but now am seeing it in my own self physically and in lab work, that the carbs are indeed the problem, not fat.
And I think most of us that have spent time trying to figure out how we (specifically) lose weight/fat have a "feel" for what makes sense. And I think the theory behind the book makes sense as well.

Originally Posted by Shannonsnail View Post
I do believe though that sugar is as much at fault as wheat while the wheat belly book seems to point the finger primarily at wheat.
I agree with this as well. I try to severely limit my sugar intake.

I'm not a big fan of "diet" books or fad diets, though I will admit that for some people they do work at least for a time. My biggest problem with them is that they are, typically, unsustainable. Some are just dumb.

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