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Tera its great that you're back at the Y and on track. That is good news. I know when my clothes are tight and uncomfortable, it makes me feel worse about myself and depressed, so I eat more. It's a nasty cycle.

Gayle, I love the sayings you posted your Maddie looks adorable. Good for you looking at the 90/10 attitude. That's pretty darn great balanced on the good side.

Another pretty good day. I'm going to log my cals after I leave 3FC but I know I did well. Another doggie hike this morning. And I think I have a combo of stomach soothers to counter a nasty side effect of the med I started last week. I was so nauseous I decided it was worse than the ailment. But yesterday I bought ginger tablets and Gaviscon. Perfect cocktail to settle my stomach.
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