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Hey KTG!
I had my appointment yesterday. My doc recommended everything that I'm currently doing(low carb, working out atleast 4x/week,lots of water) so I had to be very pushy until she got my point . She thought it might be the hormones in my birth control (Yaz) but I told her I haven't been taking it for the past 4 months and I am still in the same boat.

I explained my family history and she wrote me an order to be tested for diabetes. She mentioned that she could write me a prescription for a weight loss pill and I told her I would much rather do it naturally.She did write the persciption for apidexin in case I change my mind. I lost over 100 pounds on my own so there's no doubt in mind I could do it without any meds but I am just at my whits end. She wants me to consider taking the apidexin for one month and then coming back to re-evaluate from there.She didn't offer to run labs for anything else and I wasn't sure what to ask for.The prescription is $150 per month and I would only be able to stay on it for 3 months max.I will think about it over the weekend before I get it filled...not sure if I want to shell out the money because I also pay my tuition out of pocket...Sigh..

If I do start the perscription and don't lose anything I think I am going to ask her to refer me to a specialist.I am frustrated beyond words.Any thoughts ladies?
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