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Gayle, you do know you can say no of watching Maddie if it is too much on you. I couldn't handle 5 days a week, every week babysitting. And for one that sasses back - that would push me over the edge. Do remember you're not a doormat and you're doing your daughter (and granddaughter) a favor. On the good note, congrats on getting your A1C down. That is great.

I'm still 100% on track with eating. I'm ranging between 1200-1350 cals. If I don't lose, I will be royally mad. But my capris are feeling a bit more comfy so that's a good sign. I go for my monthly dr. appt next Wednesday. Since I'm not weighing, I will just ask if progress is good and let you know. Exercise is still a little hampered by the medical issue. I am walking daily with the pups. Since I wore my heart rate monitor a couple times, I know it is good because I'm in or slightly above what the dr. wanted. I lived in the mountains and some of the hills on the dogs and my route are breathtaking - literally they take my breath. BTW, it is beyond beautiful too...

Hi Tera and Darcy!
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