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I'm utterly behind reading so forgive the lack of personal comments. I went back to the gym for the first time since Feb and it went well. I just did a walk around the track for 30 min. In the past I've jumped into heavy cardio too fast and burned out. I'm losing weight but very out of shape. I'm taking it slow this time bc my new changes need to become habits, not fad. There is plenty of time to progress my workout.

I think I'm having a NSV. I'm hesitant to put it in black and white, lol. But I've been noticing the last couple days my right knee is not hurting and cracking when I walk upstairs. I'm not sure if it's a fluke or real. I read that every pound lost is like 4 lbs lost in terms of pressure on knee joints.

This week my hubby has started his "diet" with me. He is 200 lbs overweight...yes. He has gained about 120 of that since we married 7 yrs ago but has been overweight pretty much his entire life. He is cutting carbs, like me. He is not cutting them to the extent I am but he does not have issues with his blood sugar like I do (shocking I know but believe it or not, obesity does not actually = diabetes like most folks think). I eat based on my glucose meter, he does not have to do that. Anyway, so far I've seen him do really well....he isn't drinking his usual 2 liter per day of diet mt dew which is just shocking. I really hope he is able to be successful. We have a wild 4 yr old and I need him around, lol.

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