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Originally Posted by andrew80k View Post
Thanks for the feedback, Ladies. Wheat Belly is another one I want to read. I know that when I'm "dieting", while not specifically doing low carb, I do like to limit the amount of carbs I eat. I haven't had to tweak my method any as I'm getting the desired results at the pace I expect, but I do wonder what the effect would be if I cut the grain completely and just used other kinds of starches for my carbs. I've tried Atkins before and it didn't work for me.
Andrew, just as reference, I don't do Atkins (as far as reading/following it...since I don't track I might be doing it unknowingly). I started with cutting out soda, after a successful month of that I cut out wheat and grains (mostly, I am not 100% gluten free), sugar, starches. I have slip ups now and then. I don't call them cheat days bc that implies "diet" and I think of this as lifestyle change since I am prediabetic. After slips I try to just get right back to my plan as soon as I can. I've never counted or tracked anything so far and am getting good results. I stalled in May bc of too many slips related to parties and events we had. But am back on the losing train since getting back to my new way of eating. For me, wheat products trigger cravings and increase my blood sugar so I am trying to learn to live without. I do bake alot but I use alternative flours and sugar substitutes.

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