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Good evening all,

I'm still here, still hanging in there. My exercise plan ~ well, what can I say ~ I struggle with follow through and self discipline. I have gotten some pool time in though, so all is not lost.

We had Maddie all weekend while Mama did stuff with her older brother Corbin. When she is here, that kind of helps keep me from random snacking.

Even though I haven't been keeping up with the exercise like I had hoped, the weight is still creeping down. 204.2 this am. That is the lowest I have seen it in a while. I didn't make my goal to be under 200 for my dr's appointment, but my weight did show a loss from my last visit. I go back in August, so I should be able to get under 200 by then. Hopefully enough so that even with what the doctor's scale adds to my home weight, it will show it to be under 200.

I did get good news with my labs ~ my A1C is 6.3 now. It has dropped so that I am back in the pre-diabetic range instead of the full blown diabetes range.

I changed my goal weight. I had it set at 130, but that seemed like I would never get there. When I was up home, I saw my mom who was weighing about 150. She looked pretty good, so I set my goal at that. When I get there, I can go lower if I choose.

3 more days of school, then we will have Maddie all day every week day. Hoping for more sweet than sassy days. Mama told her if she behaved while she was with us on the weekend, that she would take her to Chuck E Cheese. She did pretty good ~ a few little wrinkles during that time, but way better than some of the times we have had. Today, she started being kind of sassy and impolite ~ we said that she needed to talk nicely ~ like she had on the weekend. That little stinker ~ she said basically that she had behaved and earned her trip to Chuck E Cheese and now it was over ~ she didn't have to behave anymore. Oh my. Wish us luck. I worry that when I share about her that you all will think she kind of bratty. She isn't a bad kid ~ she is a strong willed one who I think has been affected by her parents divorce and has unfortunately too much negative influence from dear old dad.

Hope things are going well for you all.

Take care
One day at a time ~ never giving up!!

Nobody can force you to have a certain attitude. But life will go so much better if you will simply choose to be positive. When you wake up, choose to be happy. Choose to be grateful for the day. (Joel Osteen)

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