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Originally Posted by Arctic Mama View Post
And I think that hashtag is ridiculous. Count me as a non-woman, apparently, because I've never experienced any sort of discrimination or sexism for being a woman. Ever.
Wow, Alaska must be very different from where I've lived. I've been harassed when both thin and heavy by several strangers out of the blue. When heavy, I've been made fun of in ways that I'm sure don't happen to men but that doesn't compare to what happens when thin. When thin, I've been cat-called repeatedly (to be fair, I passed a construction site regularly), had a lewd suggestion made to me at a gym, was cycling in a nice suburb with a friend of mine when some passenger leaned out of a car and grabbed at us (missed me, but managed to contact my friend's tush), had a guy pull over supposedly to ask for directions, and it took me a while to realize he was masturbating while I was talking, and had numerous more uncomfortable encounters on subways and on sidewalks (staring, etc, but nothing to write home about).

I haven't had any issues lately; these all happened when I was much younger. Like the hashtag, I'm not trying to say "all men." I am happily married to a very nice man who would never dream of doing anything of the sort (in fact I was already married to him during some of those events).
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