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EASILY - It could be that your body is just settling into its new routine which is why no change this week even with sticking to plan and doing all the right things .. frustrating much? heck yes .. but as you said your measurements have really shown the work you have been doing which is why I think when you start its a really good idea to take them
I hope you have a good break, sounds like you really need one

UBEE - Well .. last week I was shown the Swiss Ball .. so I did squats with it rolling down the wall against my back (which I must say I felt was easier for me cos I have crap balance so it made me feel more confident to lean back into the squat rather than forward), then I had to put my foot onto it and do like circles in each direction rolling it .. after that I was shown how to lie on it with my shoulders and neck supported on it while I did weights (sort of bench press but on the ball instead of a bench lol). In between it was things like step ups and wall push ups. This week I got to use one of the big machines and did pulling the weights in 2 different ways, step ups, side steps, sort of twist at the waist to pick up hand weights with alternate hands and lifting them up (I described it to her as a disco point lol) … then there were the stretches sort of things and the push ups on the wall again. Don’t feel it as much as I did last week .. but that could have been because I did the 45 minute pilates in the morning and the trainer 30 min in the afternoon lol. I also like being on the treadmill so did my warm up on that this week, last week I was on the bike for the warm up I have booked into the sauna on Thursday at 1 .. only because I am planning on getting on the treadmill at 12 so will probably need it cos I want to do 5km (figure I should be able to do that as I did the 5km in March in less than an hour .. this is a way for me to see if I am still able to do that or if my lack of sticking to exercise has put me back to square one). I envy you your ickle garden .. I would love something like that .. but then I have a black thumb and kill anything like that (yes even cactus die with me … weeds have a great chance of survival lol) .. giggle on the weeding the eyebrows .. I had my first ever plucky thing on my eyebrows last August .. yeah .. still dont see how it makes you feel good lol .. and yes I am prob definitely overdue for another weed lol.

FERA - Awww sorry about that hun, must have missed that part. I have 4 dogs .. but they are all small .. so I say its 1 big dog that had too many personalities so split into the 4 I now have lol … Well .. as you can see from the pic my cheesecake base experiment worked which I was happy with .. wasn’t sure if I would need to add a binder to them or not but was hoping that the liquid from the batter would hold them together and I was right Going to try to add a chocolate drop or something next time on the crumbs to see if it can leave a gooey centre to the cake .. definitely some experimentation going to go on with this recipe before I am happy with it .. but so far so good I love travelling .. I figure it keeps me on my toes and last time I travelled I lost weight lol .. so its something I would love to do again. Going somewhere nice I hope?

EASILY - They definitely do push .. but she is lovely about it taking into account the injuries I have on my body and if they are hurting when I get there then she just focuses on another area or changes the exercise a little for less impact on the sore muscle or joint. I must say .. causing you to walk away from a choice is a bit of a giggle .. never thought I would have that effect, but its a good one And I love the idea of finding that Special one … I think it should always be like that .. rather than just picking it cos its on offer .. its a case of if you are going to have an indulgence then it should be one you enjoy and embrace and remember, rather than just another indulge .. they should be special So thank you for that …

Right well .. better get going to work .. got my morning Starbucks and have a long day .. didn't sleep much last night (darn book ... why I can't just put a book down halfway through is beyond me .. had to finish it .. 2am!! Alarm 6.40 lol) .. so a little groggy .. didn't even know what day it was and thought it was Monday lol .. didn't half give the Starbucks guy a giggle .. he thought he was bad for pre-coffee concept of time .. but I was 2 days out!! lol
I hope everyone else is doing well .. once I play with my Cheesecake Cupcake recipe a few more times I will post the recipe if you want to give it a go .. only after I have worked out everything do I start changing it to accommodate the different requirements (dairy free, gluten free, low cal etc) .. so it may take a while lol .. Hugs!


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